August 9th, 2019

Content Marketing

Franchise marketing is a term that many business owners will hear quite a bit, but few of them really know what this term truly means. Essentially, franchise marketing is any marketing action a franchise business uses to grow, and this may include SEO, trade shows, content marketing, email marketing, pay per click advertising, and commercials. Franchise marketing can be broken down into two simple categories, and these are operational franchise marketing and franchise development marketing. 

Operational franchise marketing refers to a marketing activity that both the franchisor and the franchisees do together in order acquire more customers and retain those they already have. This is marketing that is targeted to the customer and may include commercials, pay per click advertising, and email marketing. 

Franchise development marketing is marketing carried out by the franchisor that is directed to potential franchisees as they attempt to sell more franchise locations. Franchise development marketing may include trade shows and content marketing geared towards those looking to become franchisees. 

Types Of Franchise Marketing Tactics

There are many ways businesses can work on franchise marketing both in the operational and development sectors. Some of these types of franchise marketing tactics are: 

  • Website marketing – Your website can be one of your most effective and efficient marketing tools. It acts as a salesperson touting your brand 24/7, and can be found by any visitor at any time. With the right educational and worthwhile content, your website marketing can serve as either franchise development marketing or operational franchise marketing depending on the various parts of the website they gravitate to. A well designed website that functions equally well using mobile or laptop technology can lead visitors to what it means to be a franchisee and what it means to be a customer. 

  • Social media marketing – It’s important to go where the customers and the franchisees are, and that place on the world wide web is social media. Using various social media platforms places you right in the best position to be in front of your audiences organically. For franchise development marketing, using a professional platform like LinkedIn may be in your best interest, while reaching customers may be better carried out on a more social outlet like Facebook or Instagram. 

  • SEO – You can’t use your social media or your website for any type of franchise marketing if you cannot be found, and this is where SEO comes in. 3.5 billion web searches are carried out every day, and search engines use complex processes to bring up your search results in relevant order. Savvy use of SEO ensures your brand rises high in those search engine rankings. 

Growing Your Franchise Business

Growing your franchise business with franchise marketing helps to bring you into today’s modern world. With savvy franchise marketing, you’ll find more interested potential franchisees and customers to propel your business forward. To learn more about making the most of your franchise marketing efforts, contact us at SeedLogix for all the information you need today.