July 6th, 2018

Content Marketing

As you begin writing a blog for your company, you’ll likely gain practice with techniques such as search engine and keyword optimization.  

These techniques are crucial for your blog’s success. Keyword optimization helps search engines like Google, who receives an average of 63,000 searches per second, connect users to your website.   

The better optimized your content is, the more likelihood that readers will find your site  

Studies show that search queries are four words or longer at least half the time. The more your blog produces optimized content with long-tail keywords, the more web traffic you’re likely to receive. Once your blog is well-established, you may find it beneficial to go back and optimize old content to renew indexes and increase your web traffic. Below are four ways to do so.  

To Erase, Or Not To Erase Content  

When it comes time to optimizing old content, you must choose between erasing and not erasing. Both could be productive techniques.  

Erase Old Content  

Many find it beneficial to delete old content that is watering down your optimization efforts. When it comes to Google analytics, sometimes less is more. Meaning, decreasing your quantity and improving your quality could go a long way toward your success. When looking back at content, try to determine if it speaks to your core audience. Then, sort content into two categories, those you should update and those you should delete entirely. 

Don’t Erase Old Content  

If you choose not to remove old content because it’s relevant, be sure to update it. One of the best ways to update your content is by correcting your internal and external links. Ensure that source links in your piece are both current and operating. Nothing is more of a tip-off to an old piece of content than the fact that links you had used in the past are no longer valid. Sometimes, freshening up your content will go a long way toward improvement.  

Improving And Releasing New Content  

Focus on the Semantics  

We don’t figuratively mean this, either. Google’s search algorithms have led to the rise of Latent Semantic Indexing. This is a way to prove that you know what you’re talking about in your content. Adding LSI keywords to your content, or reorganizing a piece entirely, could go a long way toward optimization.  

Release Your New Content  

Once you’ve re-optimized your old content, you’ll want to be sure that you republish it as well. Using your publishing platform, you can change the release date to the day that you’d like to re-publish your content. Then, inform your marketing list of the new post.   

Professionals Can Help Optimize Your Old Content  

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