December 13th, 2017

Content Marketing

It's the sound that has no bound. The noise that brings you joy. The tone that gets you in the zone.  The ringing that gets your heart singing. It's music.  


It is long debated whether or not music can increase productivity. If you are contemplating a new policy that allows for some grooves, then it's important to know the pros and cons of allowing music into your workplace.   


Makes Repetition Enjoyable 

If your business conducts repetitive work, then employees are probably able to do their work in their sleep. In this work, environment music may help with their productivity level and timeliness. Music helps pass time by and has been known to show a bump in positive moods. However, this is only suggested when doing repetitive work. Work such as writing and calculations is harder for many to do while listening to music.   


Distracting Lyrics  

Music may soothe the soul, but it doesn't exactly go hand in hand with everyone in their workspaces. While some people are able to let the day fly by with music playing, others cannot type one word while there is ambient noise. Research has shown that multitasking reduces efficiency. This means trying to listen to music, and its lyrics can affect the quality and accuracy of your employee's work. It's true everyone isn't the same, so to boost productivity your business may want to allow music to be played only if an employee has ear/headphones. This compromise allows both parties to perform at their highest ability.  


Haven for Creativity 


Music is known as the haven of creativity. We listen to a song and admire the work that went into it. However, does the same creativity that was put into the song actually boost creativity when heard? 


In a study done by Oxford University Press, titled "Is Noise Always Bad?" Researchers examined the effect ambient noise had on creativity. The research found that a moderate level of noise enhanced creativity and productivity. The key word here is "moderate." The music, or noise, need to blend into the background to where a person feels like it's natural. Thus, your business definitely should not be blasting rock music. The louder the noise, the harder it is for most workers to concentrate.   


Escape from Stress 

Studies have shown that music can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. However, these studies were conducted with hospital patients as participants. While music helped the elderly, disabled, and distressed children it is important to question if a demanding workplace will have the same effect. The thought behind music's escape from stress is that it relaxes people and absorbs our attention. However, in the process, it is distracting people to keep them from feeling a stressful emotion. In correlation with your business, this is up in the air. While music can help de-stress employees, it may simultaneously distract them. Employees should know how they react to music, and the theme of this blog seems to be that if your business decides music is a benefit to employees, then there should be a mandate on earphones.   



Benefits of Classical Music 

According to Science Daily, classical music may improve mood and productivity. Radiologists participated in the study and were told to listen to Baroque classical music during a heavy work loaded day. They rated their move and concentration level, and in the end, 63 percent of respondents reported a positive impact from the music. This is great news for your business because it may be the right music genre to create better productivity. However, like always there will always be an exception. One of the participants in the study indicated that the music had a negative effect on their concentration levels. While the majority benefited from the music, one participant didn't. This is something your business will have to take into consideration when making a music policy.  


Final Thoughts  

You can see that music affects productivity on many different levels. We have shown you statistics and explained the "perfect" work environment for ambient sound. It can be concluded that there is no definite answer on whether or not music increases productivity. However, there is a clear answer that SeedLogix's production tools will make your business productive and efficient. Contact us today to find out how our software can enhance your business.