November 10th, 2017

Content Marketing

Marketing for a business is a complicated process. Having an easy to find local website with fresh content and growing emails lists are all tasks that must be executed. Having a business with only one location is difficult enough but what if you have a multi-location company model?  


On the surface, more locations translate into more content and even more marketing. The benefits of having many branches include reaching new markets and an overall larger base of clients.  But the nuts and bolts of growing a multi-locational strategy can quickly become confusing.  


Create Websites for Every Territory  


Creating a website to correlate with every territory in your sales network is a great way to customize marketing. Unique URLs facilitate an efficient method of funneling content to specific demographics. 


Imagine, if you will, a local market. The customer base lives nearby and spends the majority of their time within a few miles of the store your product is sold in. When there is a demand for your product, most will turn to search engines and find a solution nearby.  


Think about search results from the perspective of the typical consumer. They are looking for a quick and local solution that fixes their consumer desire in the shortest amount of time. If the only website your company has is a corporate site, the chance that consumers visit is low. Corporate sites are impersonal and never offer a local solution.  


Not only are large umbrella websites boring but they rank low on search engine results. The advent of smartphones makes GPS location an integral part of all searches. Brick and mortar stores have an automatic leg up over most results. If websites feature a location and local terminology, it will be pushed to the forefront. This reality makes having a local website imperative to continue building your company in local territories.  


Content to Drive Local Traffic 



After creating a series of local websites to compliment your services and products on a local level, content is still needed to drive traffic. Without content, the website will just be occupying server space. You can make the world’s coolest website but if it holds no value to the consumer, no one will visit.  


The most effective way to add value and increase page views is by creating content. Content can include stories about your products or business. It can even be industry updates and related news stories. Content is not necessarily focused on sales but it does need to hold the reader's interest and relate to your overall business model.  


Because content is being used on local websites, relating to the local market is imperative. Content written from a corporate perspective with a national outlook is going to seem unrelatable to the average client. Creating personalized and locally themed content for every website is the best method of eliciting views. 


Local content can include the name of the towns and events that occur there. It can also be related to your product and how your company provides a service that can solve hyperlocal issues. The benefit of creating local content is more than simply ranking high in search engine results, although that is a side effect.  


Local content creation helps to build your brand inside a community. Building a base of viewers with well thought of articles and local flair will help increase views and sales. Your local website is the humanizing factor of the larger company. Once people feel a connection, your products become easier to purchase and the corporate stigma disappears.  


Local Email Addresses 


Building local websites with plenty of content drives views and potential for building an email list. Incorporating CTA’s and encouraging email participation is even more important on local websites than a large corporate one. Local email addresses are more valuable, they represent clients that are easy to target. 


Having many local websites allows for organizing email lists by geographic location. This makes customizing marketing campaigns that much easier. You can use local themes to increase sales on a local level rather than relying on broad campaigns. 


Focusing on building a local web presence can help your business build trust within a community. Having valuable local content and collecting Emails will give your larger brand a more local flair.