September 29th, 2017

Content Marketing

Are you hitting your head against the wall, trying to think of creative ways to make your title better and more popular? Without a strong title, your article will not achieve the number of views it deserves. Think of the headline as an advertisement for the article. The more relatable and interesting it is, the more people will click on your story.

We laid out our 10 favorite tips for writing an attention-grabbing title:

  • Have a catchy title. In the internet content world, your title is the first thing readers see. If the headline cannot grab a reader's attention, why would anyone read it? Try using slang or friendly expressions in your title to let the viewer know your content is engaging and not boring.

  • Write a question. Writing out a frequently asked question for your title is a great way to see the views roll in. The goal is to connect with the reader and let them know your article is the best answer to their search query. The better you answer the question, the more likely the reader is to fully engage with the content.

  • Make a list. Writing a “top 10” list, or “7 ways to do this”, makes the article more relatable. The reader knows they can skim the content easier because it will be broken down with bolded keywords and bullet points. Making your content easier to read will bring in more views.

  • How-to article. People love learning and  “How-to” articles are a great method of teaching a skill or idea. The “How-to” format focuses on empowering the reader to undertake whatever it is you are writing about.  Another benefit of writing a how-to article, makes you, the author, the default expert on the subject matter. It is a great way to boost your rankings online and encourage others to link to your content.  

  • You won't believe this. This is a great phrase for encouraging a user to click on your story. These titles take advantage of the average person’s FOMO and make for strong headlines. Other similar titles include: “Wait until you read this”, “The answer will surprise you”, or, “You need to know”.

  • Tell your reader they are a genius. An example would be, “Only a genius can understand this”, or “How to find out if you are a marketing genius”. Everyone thinks they are the smartest person in the room, use that to your advantage. Stroking the reader’s ego is a sure fire way to have them click on your story.

  • Offer expert advice. Either you or someone you work with is an expert in the subject matter you’re working on. Words of advice from an industry leader is a great way to attract viewers. The people researching your content will be more inclined to click on a story written by, or with the help of an expert. A title example would be, “This successful CEO shares his secrets to success”.

  • Psychoanalyze the reader. By far, the most popular topic for any reader is them. By making your title and subsequent content structured in a way that analyzes the reader, more people will read the content. Titles include, “If you follow these writing habits, then there is no hope for you, “How to tell if your work habits make you a crazy cat person”. Keep the titles fun to read and always focus on the reader.

  • Write a holiday theme. When publishing content around certain holidays, it is a good idea to incorporate them into the article. If it’s around Halloween, a title can be “Spooky tricks to increase views”, or a Winter theme can be, “Using holiday music to help with marketing”. During the holidays, people are more inclined to click on articles that reinforce the atmosphere they find themselves in.

  • Ask the reader for their opinion. Who doesn’t want to publicize their opinion on a subject matter? When you use a title like, “Tell me your opinion on this marketing trick”, you are starting a conversation. By providing a platform for the reader to post their own opinion, it makes your story more attractive.

What are Your Favorite Title Writing Techniques?

Do you have certain methods that work when making titles? We would love to find out what you know. Feel free to leave a comment below and join the conversation.